Commercial Time #3 Google Photo Upgrade

I have 1516 photos and 3 videos in my cell phone with 139 items not uploaded to a cloud, whatever that is.  For several weeks I have been aware of this but unsure what to do.  While I know they only want 99 cents a month to upgrade once I am down to the normal amount of photos it will take $100 worth of effort to cancel the 99 cent fee.  And all these 99 cent fees add up. No wonder these tech giants can be philanthropists…

Ages ago I recall signing up by accident with Amazon for an on line book service.  This was a temporary offer or so I thought.  Months later I discovered I was still being charged.  Then after much Amazon angst I discovered Chase dispute.  Folks say much about banks but their service was platinum and I am an eternal fan.

Back to the 99 cents…  Since I no longer can access my photos for my blog I have taken the risk and paid the 99 cent monthly charge for 45 bytes of storage, again I repeat myself, for whatever that volume is.  Is this the equal to a photocopy box full of paper or a file folder??  Who knows but I paid. 

An hour later nothing has unlocked and I still can no longer download pictures.  The 99 cents a month has not come through.  Well, you get what you pay for.. and now to get the 99 cents back.  Chase, help!

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