Natural Bridge State Park

This beautiful geological wonder was once owned by Thomas Jefferson. It is a majestic 215 foot tall structure and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. I enjoyed the solitude as being the first patron to the Park that day and what an experience to be alone with such a world renowned work of nature.

Here is the start of the Lost River, an important and mysterious River which twines through both Virginia and West Virginia. Its origin has yet to be discovered.

Another historic point in the Park, the salt peter cave where Thomas Jefferson did excavations for potassium nitrate. This was used in gun powder.

The Monacan Indians inhabited the area in 1699 and an Indian Outdoor Museum is located in the State Park. Descendants of these Indians are still involved in the maintenance of the outdoor museum.

Along the path are graceful water flows,

and small water falls.

In the rocks are outcroppings of flowers.

However, the main event remains.

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