Commercial Time #4: Twitter

I am attempting to access my Twitter account.  Since I have changed my phone number I am unable to provide a phone number Twitter will accept.  I am in an endless loop when I decide to google “How to permanently delete your Twitter account.”   I guess they still want my business as directions appear and a new web site.

Visiting the myriad of options for this claim I receive a box where I can type in my concerns.  In 3 to 5 days I will have an answer.  I am encouraged and while this blog is not humorous, I am desperately trying to find something funny here.

In my note to a  human Twitter helper, and let’s hope they are, I state my age and lack of computer knowledge.  I lean on their sympathies stating, “think of me as your grandmother in your response,” and, “I try all I can before I access your services.”  If anything perhaps this will give a chuckle to that call center in the sky.

In a previous communique with another company I asked the call center staffer if they were a bot.  Their response was, “I have a heart and lungs.”  This was nice to know as I realize they have a nerve as well since I just hit one.  Note to self:  always assume the individual on the other end is human. 

I need to be more tolerant and send loving thoughts to those working with us nimkinpoops on a daily basis.  They certainly have a tough job. I wonder what they do to rid their angst. Do they drink? Do they have a wall full of old people’s pictures that they throw darts at?

I hear back from Twitter with several questions I have no idea how to answer so I lie. In 3 to 5 days I will know. I await their reply.

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