Monongahela National Forest/Cranberry Glades/Gauley River

This national forest is located in the Alleghany Mountains in the eastern section of West Virginia. It is over 921,000 acres and to drive through it seems endless.

The Forest provides nature camping, hiking, streams, and plant life. Established in 1920, it is an ecologically diverse area. Cranberry Glades Botanical area is one of the most fascinating part of this forest.

These Glades or wetlands are usually found in Canada, however, due to the unique acidic West Virginia conditions these glades house unusual plants, and many bugs. Take the walk on wooden planks through Glades, but bring the bug spray, watch for snakes, and adhere to the signs which warn to stay on the planks.

Gauley River

This is another facet of the forest, however this is where the motto, “Wild and Wonderful West Virginia,” comes in. The Gauley is a 105 mile long river and has numerous whitewater areas. It also has nature camping, at no cost.

Me and the grand dog on the Gauley

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