New River Gorge

This is another West Virginia National Park. The New River Bridge is the jewel in the crown as at 875 feet. It is the third largest suspension bridge in the country. This suspension bridge is one of three in the world which are similar. They are in Maine and Slovenia and I have been to all three. Guess I get the booby prize. Here’s some pics, indulge me..

The Visitors Center was closed during my visit, however, I meandered to the bottom of the gorge finding beaches to sit at as I watched the white water rafting folks return from their journey. There also are spots to camp in nature without cost, hiking trails, and an array of sites to take in.

To access further information:


Leaving the Park I was unable to find a spot for food. Driving home I located the town of Fayetteville and the Secret Sandwich Society. Cute place, good food, pricey, but nice to sit outside on their lawn and relax. Here are some pics:

While waiting for my order I checked out the Welcome to Fayetteville, WV brochure and its claims, “Coolest Small Town,” certainly seem to be true. This adventure map shows offerings of yoga, escape games, theater, and other fun events. Due to covid unsure what was open, but check it out during non-covid times, (and they will come… have faith).

Will close with one of those wonderful West Virginia sunsets.


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