Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

In 1900 the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company purchased 70,000 acres of land for lumbering. A railroad was needed to transport this lumber to saw mills. Immigrants of Hungarian, Italian, and Austrian descent came to the area to build the railroad and a town rose. The town was named for Joseph Cass, one of the principal investors.

The Depot
The coal burning train
Close up of the locomotive
Main Street in Cass
Main Street Store close up
Ticket Counter inside the Main Street store

The State purchased the railroad in 1961, and in 1976, the town. Visitors may stay in the renovated rail road workers homes.

Railroad workers home
Home of the Superintendent of the lumbering community

The tour up the mountain on a coal driven locomotive is a fascinating experience as you pass through memorabilia of the era.

Then up the mountain..

To the top and what a view.

Bald Knob

What a memorable experience.

Children, (and adults, too), will love it!

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