Commercial Time #5: The Pool

Today I went to the community pool to swim.  The pool was closed however the after hours staff handed me a schedule.  I also received a 2 inch instruction sheet explaining how to schedule pool lane times for lap swim.  They brightly smiled at me stating how wonderful this new service was.

After leaving the after hours staff I got into my car to return home.  I read the instructions prior to departure and realized I needed to download an AP to make a swim lane appointment.  Having had success with AP installation in the past I felt success was in my future. 

I am home now and have spent 30 minutes with the  AP Store.  I am unable to download the AP as my password is incorrect.  I check my trusty address book again and carefully try the password one more time. The cloud has not yet locked me out but continues to tell me my password is incorrect.  Who am I to question them so I attempt to secure another password but am unable.

I leave the phone and turn on my computer thinking I could register for a swim lane with the computer.  I thought the community pool was community property but now realize it is associated with the Y.  I must register with the Y but am unable.

Somehow without prompting or registering I arrive at a screen where I can register for swim classes, however, I need to be an infant or child to take these classes.  Then without prompting a screen appears to rate the web site.  I am honest.  I tell them I am old, and only want to get a lane to swim.  I inform them of my inability to install their AP or access the appropriate screens from their web site. I send the comments,  sigh, and shut off the computer.

I enter the bathroom and fill the tub with a cup of Epsom salts and warm water.  I put on my swim suit for effect, and float.  This will have to do as trying to swim at the community pool is simply too challenging.

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