Las Vegas Day 3: Sharks, Canyons, and Horseback Riding…

Started my day early and what a busy day it was..

The Hotel Bellagio has a floral display that changes at periodic intervals. It is free, in the lobby, and I went early. Here are some of the pics.

Then I discovered more Dale Chihuly in the Bellagio lobby on my way to the Richard MacDonald Gallery.

Richard Mac Donald is a former associate of Cirque du Soleil and his sculptures of Cirque du Soleil performers are sold world-wide. Prince Charles is a fan. This Bellagio setting has videos of MacDonald sculpting and holds numerous works for sale. What graceful and beautiful sculptures. If only I had an extra five grand. Aren’t they lovely?

Next, the city bus to Mandalay Bay Hotel. Here is an amazing aquarium. A bit pricey, but to find such a collection of fish and sharks where can you go??

The Shark Aquarium

What fascinating and unassuming creatures to watch and what a brave diver.

Next the Luxor.

The Luxor has an Egyptian motif. If you have never been to Egypt stop by as you’ll feel you are there.

Time for my next event, an evening horse ride in the Red Rocks..

My horse and me.

More Red Rock Canyon scenery


Followed by a steak dinner and smores by the fire. What a delightful way to end the day.

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