Situated in the mountains of Virginia this plantation home of our third president, Thomas Jefferson, is one to enjoy and relish.

Having not been here in over 30 years much has changed. The new Visitor Center and Museum offers more insight into Jefferson, the man, with his strengths and failings. Take note to see the movie on Sally Hemings, the slave who he fathered 6 children with. It is an interesting depiction of this relationship seen from her perspective.

Here are a few pictures of the home. There are no official tours. An AP is downloaded and each room coded for a description of the room. Knowing Jefferson’s forward thinking he would be proud to see the scientific nature of the tour.

The outside gardens are maintained to perfection. Seeds from this time period are sold in the museum store.

On the property are tents with speakers discussing issues of the Jefferson years. Plan to see the actor portraying Jefferson as he is witty and engaging. It is interesting to note that during Jefferson’s time he faced issues similar to what our country is now facing.

There are buses available for transport from the visitor center to the home, however, if able, walk the grounds as it is a delightful experience.

Remember, these are the same paths Jefferson once walked.

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