Berkley Springs, West Virginia

Berkley Springs is a neat town nestled in the mountains of West Virginia. It is a historic mineral spa dating back to 1750. Its healing waters were first used by the Indians, and George Washington was said to have stopped here several times. It is considered America’s first spa.

The park leading to the spa.

The warm water spring has a constant temperature of 74 degrees. Here is the bath house and tub areas.

Entrance to the baths.
The bath area
Spickets for mineral water
Another historic bath house on site

Massages are also available at the site. The town is an artist community and there are many unique shops and buildings near the spa. While investigating the area found this interesting castle.

Worth a stop for a massage and/or soak. There also is a museum on site with limited hours.

For further information regarding spa, massage, and park concerns contact:

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