Charleston, West Virginia: The State Capitol

The grounds of the West Virginia State Capitol are beautiful and dotted with many monuments, gardens, and a domed state capitol currently under renovation.

The dome of the state capitol undergoing a facelift.
Tribute to coal miners

Monument to all those who served in our nations wars.

Monument to all females who served.
The Governor’s Mansion is on the grounds of the state capitol buildings. The governor does not live here and due to covid no tours are allowed.
Another view of the Governor’s Mansion

The State Museum is on the state capitol grounds. Having toured previously and forgotten my camera I recall the rich history of the state displayed here. Much related to the history of the state, its industries, prominent natives, and other facets of West Virginia, are on display. On this day of visit it was closed, however, the lobby open with an interesting quilt display.

The State Museum

The Museum is open 9-5, closed Sunday and Monday. Parking is available on site, bring quarters.

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