The Greenbrier Bunker

President Eisenhower at the Greenbrier

At the height of the Cold War in 1958 a secret bunker was built on the grounds of the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, under the direction of President Eisenhower. This bunker was designed to accommodate both houses of congress with limited staff should a national emergency occur.

The secrecy of this bunker was maintained until a Washington Post journalist exposed the site in 1992. After this the Bunker was phased out by July 1995.

The building of the bunker
A schematic of the bunker in relation to the hotel

The bunker was buried 720 feet below ground under the west wing of the hotel. It had 3 entrances each protected by steel doors designed to withstand nuclear blast.

One of the bunker steel doors

There was a self contained power plant and dormitory facilities.

A cafeteria, a kitchen, meeting rooms, and a dispensary/clinic were on site.

Quite an operation to say the least. Contact the Greenbrier Hotel should you wish to tour. No photography is allowed at the site.

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