Parkersburg, West Virginia Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park

If you only have only place to visit in West Virginia make it be Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park. It includes a paddleboat ride on the Ohio River, the tour of a historic restored home, and an oxen ride. Did I mention the mystery and intrigue associated with this story? Read on.

Wealthy Irish immigrant Harman Blennerhassett and his wife Margaret settled on this island in the late 1700’s. Here they lived a rather idyllic life farming their land and enjoying the life of aristocrats. Enter Aaron Burr, a former Vice President to Thomas Jefferson, who wished to create another country in the Americas and become emperor. To develop his treasonous plot Burr charmed and manipulated many out of their fortunes with Blennerhassett being one. The formerly wealthy Irish immigrant lost his fortune, and stature, however, Burr was ultimately acquitted of treason.

Let’s start with the ride over,

the renovated rooms of the estate,

and last but not least, the oxen ride.

Included in admission is a fine museum with many antiquities. Take time to visit as it is an enjoyable look at history.

And also in the Parkersburg area..

  • North Bend State Park
  • Parkersburg Brewing Company
  • North End Tavern and Brewery
  • Unicorn Wine Guild
  • Winetree Vineyards
  • Smoot Theater
  • Actors Guild of Parkersburg
  • Henderson Hall Plantation
  • The Castle
  • Fort Boreman Historical Park

Fort Boreman is a reconstructed Union Civil War fortification. It provides some amazing views of the Ohio River and gives an interesting perspective on the War. There also is a picnic area.

The Julia-Ann Square Historic District with its beautiful homes provides an interesting drive.

And with that I say good bye to West Virginia, the state of sunrises and mountain vistas I will always remember.

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