Election Day 2020: Washington DC

Interesting time for a visit to DC, wouldn’t you say?? However this was the date of a Thanksgiving get together for my daughter and psil, (potential son-in-law). Little did I know a month later we would have something to be really thankful for.

Welcome, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

We began our visit seeing many of the DC sites boarded up. Throughout the first day of our visit workmen were scurrying with large pieces of wood and saws as they covered the windows, doors, and other glass enclosures of the DC buildings.

Besides these planked walls chain fencing squares 8 foot high were placed in front of prominent government buildings. It was a sad site for me to see as when I was a little girl I watched President Johnson play with his beagles on the White House lawn. During this I was able to stick my face through the wrought iron fencing to watch. How things change.

Besides these protections a line of 30 trucks carrying concrete blockades lined the monument area. It was an unsettling visit as I wondered, “Is this my country?” And the most unsettling, the Proud Boys had a party in our hotel.

Here are some photos from the Black Lives Matter Plaza directly in front of the White House.

This was a peaceful place with folks singing and playing guitars. There were no loud voices with the exception of some red capped folks loudly espousing their political choice. The police presence was ubiquitous, however, only silent, and watchful in their protection of those reading the poster’s sentiments.

Next, was a belated birthday celebration for my daughter, and psil. Dining at PJ Clarke’s was a delightful experience with charming ambience, and delicious food. My grand dog, Mo, was smuggled into the restaurant in a large purse, and slept as we ate. This restaurant resonates old time DC with great photos on the walls, and tables designated to former political leaders.

The night being young we explored the Washington DC monuments. How beautiful they are at night.

Jeanie and Greg, psil.

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