Commercial Time #6: Pool Ap Saga Continues

The pool swim AP saga continues.  I went to the pool and was told to speak to a life guard. As I spoke to the life guard a woman came running behind me stating I had past her and had no right to speak with the life guard.  We were already on bad terms.  I didn’t see her, but in these circumstances never defend yourself. I kept mum.

She began to tell me how wonderful the new AP was so I gave her my phone to show me.  Several tries later she stated the service in the area was faulty and it would work when I got home.  It didn’t.  It is now 2:30 am I’ve read all the internet instructions I can locate regarding this problem. I wrote an email to Apple and received a response. I am told in this email I need further identification.  At this point I would strip naked and allow them to DNA test me I am so disgusted, but I read on. This email holds the golden key, a phone number.  I call and receive a computer generated arrogant male voice asking what my problem is.   Well, maybe he wasn’t so arrogant but at 3 a.m he sure sounded it..

I tell him my problem and he gives me answers, of which none help or have any pertinence to my problem. He then states call between 7 am and 9:30 pm.  At this point I am so keyed up I will be up till 7 am, and be the first caller.

If only Apple was just an orchard life would be so much simpler. 

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