Daytona Beach Flea Market

This is my favorite Florida flea market. Have been visiting it for over 50 years, watching it grow, and upgrade. Flea markets are dwindling due to Florida land grabs as with the St. Augustine Flea Market, a recent loss. Since that market was an eyesore I welcome the new construction, a VA Hospital, and low income housing.


To get to the Daytona Beach Flea Market use the AP WAZE for directions as it can be challenging find. The flea market is a stones throw from I-95, Watch for quick lane changes.


is vast as are the grounds and the number of booths. Once parked take pictures of nearby sites to avoid problems finding vehicles later.

Where I always park, it is a good starting point.

Food booths are near to this entrance

as are booklets with maps. Take a booklet or 2, (in case you loose one), and check out the Market Map as well. The booklet provides much info on locating shops, and the map avoids going astray. If you do need further assistance flea market booth staff are always helpful.

Awful picture but you’ll recognize the spot.
Next to the booklets.

That said, let’s look at those Daytona Beach Flea Market finds..

T shirts and all kinds of beach needs are here. There is a booth to create custom t shirts on site.

Jewelry, Leather goods, Motorcycle needs, and even Rugs are available.

Some great helmets

Decorative rugs

And for those with other desires,

Guitar Shop
Stephen Colbert would love this one.
Bob Marley Depot
A glass shop with the globes you breathe in or out?
Everything you’ll ever need for the cell phone along with repair and advice.

And here’s an interesting combination,

A Massage and Gun Booth in same hallway.

Something new, a tiffany lamp shop..

Picture of old Daytona Beach at an art booth

A Dollar and Beyond Store with unique finds..

Automotive needs for window tinting, fixing a car dent, or to obtain new tires are available. Call ahead. Have the work done as you shop.

The first Sunday of every month the flea market has an enormous car show. Call for specifics.

Golf cart purchases are available on site. Here’s a new motor device.

There are farmers selling great produce at low prices, along with candy, pickle, dried fruit, and herbal medicine vendors. The psychic offers insights. And check out the outside booths for larger delights.

A new type of picnic table
Flowers and pots to put them in.
Interesting mailboxes
One of our Florida gators, a ceramic one.

Possibly the best part of the flea market, the helicopter ride..

And not for sale, an adorable pooch on a perch who gave free kisses.

What a fun time and visit. Something for everyone and all ages. It won’t disappoint.


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