Plumbing Work: Always get a second estimate, if not a third….

This is what I do.

Decided to put a washer/dryer in the condo. Never knew it would be this much aggravation. The first plumber’s estimate was $5000. for installation. Then I came across a plumber where I volunteer who said he only works for friends and would charge $3500. He came to the condo to survey the work. While there I mentioned the garbage disposal didn’t work and he installed another. Plans were made for his arrival to do the next step. He never arrived or called back. Florida senior gossip says workmen never return calls until they need weed money, so I got the name of another plumber.

When this plumber arrived and heard what was paid for the garbage disposal he smirked. The price was double what his company charged. Then the $3500 estimate for the washer/dryer install was revealed. He said an entire condo repipe could be done for this and the washer/dryer install would be $750 to 1000. Since he was honest he won the job. The next day my “plumber friend” returned my call saying he would start the job the following day. I told him I was leaving town.

When 3 plumbers and 2 large trucks arrived I was overwhelmed never realizing the scope of the work..

The plumbers surveyed the condo and floors began to be covered with mats. Since sheet rock dust permeates all I quickly located sheets and tablecloths to cover furnishings..

The condo wrapped and covered,

and much hidden in the bedroom with the door closed..

Pictures of condo wall holes.

Mike installing the hot water heater.

Paul and Gary working on the washer/dryer connections.

Work was completed in 14 hours. Cost: $ 5600.

Next step: Sheet rock repair, then cabinets to cover the washer/dryer..

And they even fixed the bathroom sink.

I am in plumbing heaven!

Commercial #8 Apple Upgrade

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Cell Phone Clipart, Transparent PNG Clipart Images Free Download -  ClipartMax

The upgrade greets me with, “Hello.” The next screen wants me to, “Place Your Finger here.” I do not want to place my finger there but cannot pass the screen. What finger shall I choose if I do this? I need direction but do not receive it. I select my right index finger, but do not apply it to the screen. Suddenly I am returned to the main screen and now am able to bypass the touch screens and password code protections. Next I am greeted with, “Hola,” guess a language change has occurred. What have I done as now all upgrade directions are in Spanish.

I breathe and touch another button and English returns. The phone once again tries to sell me on two step security verification. I don’t bite and the red circle next to settings is gone. More success. I now am able to make the call for a dental cleaning.

I am having a good day.

Isn’t it wonderful how these devices upgrade with a stroke of a finger? Do you ever wonder how these signals get to the phone? Do they pass through a window or better yet me? In the future could these signals cure cancer or perhaps my appetite? I rise from my chair, glance around the room and the white line signaling an upgrade in installation is almost drawn. Attempting to find this energy around the room there is no trace but the white line has disappeared and the phone states the installation is complete.

A Colorful Cartoon of People Communicating on Cellphones - Royalty Free  Clipart Picture

Now I only have to learn how to use the d-mn thing.

How I wish Apple made a less challenging phone for Seniors. I bet it would be a best seller.

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The Royal Horses

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Recently attended this event at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds. It was an enjoyable event and watching these beautiful trained horses left me in awe. Here are some pictures from the event.

A quiet gallop of all horses…

A daring move by the rider.

These Arabian, Andalusian, Friesian, and Lipizzaner breeds perform nationally. Their beauty and grace are amazing to observe. Currently, they are performing in the Florida area with a January 30th performance in Vero Beach, Florida. Tickets can be obtained at:

Upon completion a meet and greet with the horses is also available with special tickets.

Suze Orman

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What better way to follow a Robinhood Snacks blog than to mention the Queen of PBS Family Finance? This often loud, yet sincere lady has given millions direction in their financial planning and those who follow her cling to her every breath and word. Point in fact… I worked with a female nurse in her 20’s who would not make any financial decisions until researching The Queen’s thoughts.. Of course, she’s probably a millionaire by now, but , truth and humor aside.. Who is this gal and how did she get started?

This 69 year old gal worth $75 million is a New York Times best selling author, financial guru, and winner of two Emmy Awards. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana she began her career as a waitress in California. She borrowed money to start a restaurant and when she lost all found her way to a training program as an account executive for Merrill Lynch and the climb began.

She is married to Kathy Travis as of 2018. Currently, she is recovering from surgery but Suze will be on her way soon again. Stay well, my sweet and keep advocating living revocable trusts as well as many other ideas to keep us all financially stable and secure.

Robin Hood Snacks

This blog is about what I think.

Robinhood Snacks

While working at a Virginia psych hospital a patient engaged me with information about the stock market. I know this sounds bizarre but not all psych patients are mentally unfit and this gal was bright, however, a little manic. As a good nurse I decided to investigate her claims and found she was on target, well informed about money, and the stock market. Day after day she spoke of Robin Hood Snacks so I signed up for their email newsletter and am glad I did.

While not involved with the brokerage side of Robinhood I find their newsletters informative giving life skills besides the financial piece. Their brokerage side allows for free trades and no minimums easily capturing the youth market or novice investor.*

However, while I read the newsletter, and admit to often not understanding their slang, I find the tail end of the newsletter intriguing. There is a variety of articles where one can learn much in a quick read. Take for example:

  • To beat procrastination be productive and don’t think of the worst. Create a routine and commit to it. Have one small win every day, DO SOMETHING. Face tasks head on, concentrate, stay focused.
  • Hydration – one of the biggest evils of dehydration – brain fog, poor memory, fatigue, and dizziness. Good news: Water changes our cells within one day of adequate hydration and our body begins to repair. How much water do we need? HALF our body weight — 150# 7.5 glasses a day.
  • Today was even better – with a 360 degree tour of the Sistine Chapel.

The variety of articles in this segment is phenomenal, so sign up and I guarantee you will learn something.

*I am receiving no reimbursement for this blog.

Salt Lake City Airport

This blog is about what I do.

As always all good things must come to an end. Sadly, I left part of me in San Francisco as I drove to the airport. Here are closing pictures. Even the route to the airport was gorgeous.

Do you think I could get a job as a maid for Nancy Pelosi??? I’d even do it for a free room and would live in the cellar or garage, hell, even a storage closet. Can you imagine what her house is like? She must need help with her schedule… As my daughter would say, “Ha, Ha!”

From San Francisco took a flight to Salt Lake City and then to Orlando. I flew my dream airline, Delta, however, in all my years of flying Delta I had my first encounter with a nasty Delta employee. Shrugging it off to the pandemic, and we all have a bad day, I took her insults and let it go. Delta has done so much for me in my many years of flying with them that it was time for a withdrawal from that emotional quotient bank account called Delta Courtesies.

Flight was amazing and short to Salt Lake City Airport. What a lovely airport and they are undergoing renovation.

In the main lobby they had an enormous Christmas tree with comfortable seating and a pianist who played one of my favorites Claire de Lune. What a wonderful ending to a perfect time away.

The airport also had a display of rock and roll memorabilia. See pics below.

Another new find this airport held was a yoga room. Namaste.

Hallways were wide for the sparse volume, however, build it and they will come. And for those who haven’t visited Salt Lake City it is a treat with their beautiful mountains and friendly Mormons.

While partaking in hearty corn chowder from Squatters, a must visit restaurant at the airport, spotted an interesting dog mix, a German Shepard Maltese. Go figure. The owner had the dog’s genealogy done. They found this sweetheart left in a local dump and what luck for both dog and owner… Here are some pictures.

What a hoot! But who knows maybe in 10 years everyone will want one of these blends. I certainly do.

Then Delta came through once again. While sitting at the gate my name was called on the loudspeaker. Don’t know about you but when things like this happen I become unnerved. They moved me up 5 seats as I am a silver member. I now had more leg room.:)

The stars were certainly in alignment on this trip.

Moss Beach Distillery: Blue Lady Ghost

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The Moss Beach Distillery was a former speak easy of the 1920’s prohibition era. Lying on the San Mateo Coast booze was run from Canada to the U.S. to support patrons desires. It became a popular night spot for San Francisco silent film stars and politicians. Mystery writer Dashiell Hammett was a frequent visitor and used the restaurant as a backdrop for one of his detective stories.

The story goes a young woman who frequently dressed in blue fell in love with the speak easy piano player, a man of questionable virtues. She was married. While walking together on the beach below the restaurant one evening she was killed and he assaulted, however survived. Restaurant employees and patrons still feel her presence in odd instances such as phone calls with no response, computer glitches, and missing jewelry which is later found. It is thought she is seeking her lost lover.

The restaurant continues to prosper during covid times. While not allowed inside the restaurant, customers dine on the outside deck overlooking the ocean vistas. Cuisine is varied, tasty, and patrons are friendly. While dining there I conversed with several folks from all parts of the world. It’s worth the drive. Here are some views of the Pacific Coast Highway en route to the restaurant.


San Francisco: Day time

Started the day early as only had one full day in town. Drove Lomardi Street

From the top of Lombardi Street, view of Alcatraz Island

which is an experience and turned to find myself at the chocolate palace of Ghirardelli Square.

This area has many shops and borders on the National Maritime Park.

Several early morning swimmers were seen taking a dip in the cold Pacific Ocean

and walking beyond that area Fisherman’s Wharf was found.

At this early hour fisherman were viewed starting their day,

restaurant workers began sorting their fare,

and the main attraction… the California sea lions on Pier 39.

Now while nothing could top the sea lions, finding Boudin Bakery and being allowed early entrance for retail and caloric damage takes a close second. The Boudin Bakery is where San Francisco sourdough bread began. While tours are not available due to covid one can have a window view of the family’s time honored traditions which date back to 1849.

From here I began my journey to Golden Gate Park, however, catching a glimpse of The Palace of Fine Arts I quickly u turned. These gardens were constructed in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition and then recreated in the late 1960’s through 1970. What a place of great beauty.

While continuing the journey to Golden Gate Park more views of the Bridge appeared.

Golden Gate Park is a free park managed by the City of San Francisco. According to Auntie Google it is the third most visited park in the nation. It even has a street named Nancy Pelosi Way, my they love their Nancy! While there I visited the Japanese Tea Garden and while not free, worth the price. The garden is a place of serenity and offers authentic Japanese fare.

After the peace of the Tea Garden returned to Chinatown to explore further. This Chinatown is similar to others in the country with its many busy shoppers. Unable to visit NYC Chinatown for over 10 months was ecstatic to find bakery delicacies to enjoy once home. Yum…

San Francisco is named for St. Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of animals and the environment. Visited the National Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi which was proximate to Chinatown.

Thank you, St. Francis for the wonderful visit.

Next: A San Francisco Mystery

San Francisco: Night time…

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When Tony Bennett sings I Left My Heart in San Francisco I now understand as I left mine there as well. San Francisco has beauty, culture, and a variety of things to see and do. While concerned about pandemic warnings I found many things outside to see and do. Read on.

San Francisco has a very small town appeal. Staying at the Columbus Inn I was proximate to the wharf, Chinatown, and all major freeways. Arriving in town at 5 pm I rented a car and explored the downtown area. This area has many high end stores and the Christmas decorations were like none ever seen.

From here I located the Golden Gate Bridge for a night time view. A must see.

Then on to a tour of San Francisco homes and shops decorated for Christmas.

When I found myself lost from my evening tour I came across the Coit Tower which is dedicated to firefighters who lost their lives in San Francisco fires. Pictured below are the Tower and views from Telegraph Hill.

Next: A daytime visit of San Francisco…

The Zephyr

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The Zephyr is an Amtrak train which runs from Chicago to Emeryville, California, (which is a short ride to San Francisco of which Amtrak provides free bus transport with train ticket purchase). The journey from Denver to Emeryville is $119., and provides 20 hours of the most beautiful views of America I have ever seen. There are berths available with waiter service and food/alcohol is available for sale.

Leaving Union Station gives anticipation asto what is to come..

Then the wide open spaces begin to appear..

Along the route there are several short stops. Stay near the train as they will leave you if you aren’t there when the train whistles. In the middle of the train is a windowed car so take advantage. People are friendly, the seats are comfortable, and the view is exemplary.

It’s difficult to choose pictures as all are flawless, however here are a few.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado area

This small town has a mineral spring pool.

The Springs.

Then some views from other areas..

And one final ..

Take some time and do the Zephyr.

It’s a trip you will remember forever.

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