Niche, Niche, Niche

Today I received an email out of the blue from Dusty with a wordpress id stating I need to develop a niche. Since I haven’t written in 6 weeks I was surprised and violated by this email as who has given him my email address? In the 4 years I have been writing I’ve received 6 comments, and only through the site. While most were nasty and derogatory my daughter did write a fond critique and for that she was rewarded royally..

So while I know the definition of niche – specialized segment of the market for a particular product or service, (in case you don’t know), I have contemplated Dusty’s thoughts. However, the purpose of my writings is to reflect on what a senior gal thinks and does and quite frankly this is all over the board. If a fellow senior does come across my blog perhaps as they read might think – maybe I could take that trip, try that exercise, feng shui my house, or nice to know someone else has computer challenges, and finally gee never knew of that historic woman. Perhaps the blog will inspire a senior to think they could take that trip, pick up a book to learn more of that historic woman, or even exercise.

Thanks, Dusty for your email. Please block my web site. Bye.

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