To Denver

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The American Airlines flight to Denver was full with customers masked and all socially distancing as much as possible. Arrived on a sunny day and the view from the clean airplane window was spectacular. Deplaning is conducted row by row and assists in keeping passengers safe.

Once inside the airport was welcoming and festive.

Some interesting retail venues and bars..

Never saw a lottery machine like this one.. Had to insert your driver’s license to buy the ticket.

The Christmas decorations were entertaining and different.

And of course the dogs going home for the holidays..

Took the train connection into the City which is frequent, fast, clean, and reasonable.

However, the trip into the City was not as expected. Denver has been hard hit with the Pandemic. Colonies of tents are built along the train tracks leading into the City. It is similar to the days of the Great Depression. Trash is everywhere along the tracks. One wonders if this trash with cause further infection control issues. It was a disturbing site to see. Those on the train warned me of what I was to experience upon visiting Denver and to protect myself. While always a cautious traveler I was grateful to be warned, however, greatly saddened to hear their accounts.

These were mild representations. Denver is having many challenges.

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