Denver, Colorado

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Arrived early in Denver and stopped first at Union Station. This railroad station has much history with soldiers departing for war from this site. It is beautiful and stately, a must see on your Denver visit. The architecture breath taking.

With train reservation confirmed I checked into my hotel. Zephyr departure is early so stay in a nearby hotel. Sadly, while my hotel was nearby and had lovely floor to ceiling windows with friendly staff I cannot recommend it. There is a historic hotel in Union Station which I am told is sublime.

Since little was open decided to take a bus through the City to explore various sites. A view from the State Capitol from the bus.

The State Capitol

The State Capitol was not open for tours as predicted and in this area shops were boarded and drifters many. Churches had wiring across their gates telling patrons to return at a later date. I was approached by an angry disheveled man and was grateful to have psychiatric nursing skills, thereby loosing him. As foretold, it was disconcerting.

Top two pictures are the current Denver Art Museum, photo above diorama of future museum

The Denver Museum of Art was open, however, being tailed as a single patron throughout my visit was nerve wracking. I noted those in groups of 2 or more did not have the same observance. Did they think I was going to steal something? Actually, this is the first museum of which I abhorred the collection. The arrangement of the articles was poor and their modern art I detested. However, here are a few items I found of interest.

The traveling Freida Kahlo exhibit was fascinating and when it arrives in your area take time to visit. It is extensive and well cataloged giving an interesting depiction of two painters.

Freida Kahlo and Diego Rivera self portraits and wedding photo

Some paintings of Diego..

And another self portrait.

Hope you are able to catch this exhibit when it comes to your town..

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