Moss Beach Distillery: Blue Lady Ghost

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The Moss Beach Distillery was a former speak easy of the 1920’s prohibition era. Lying on the San Mateo Coast booze was run from Canada to the U.S. to support patrons desires. It became a popular night spot for San Francisco silent film stars and politicians. Mystery writer Dashiell Hammett was a frequent visitor and used the restaurant as a backdrop for one of his detective stories.

The story goes a young woman who frequently dressed in blue fell in love with the speak easy piano player, a man of questionable virtues. She was married. While walking together on the beach below the restaurant one evening she was killed and he assaulted, however survived. Restaurant employees and patrons still feel her presence in odd instances such as phone calls with no response, computer glitches, and missing jewelry which is later found. It is thought she is seeking her lost lover.

The restaurant continues to prosper during covid times. While not allowed inside the restaurant, customers dine on the outside deck overlooking the ocean vistas. Cuisine is varied, tasty, and patrons are friendly. While dining there I conversed with several folks from all parts of the world. It’s worth the drive. Here are some views of the Pacific Coast Highway en route to the restaurant.


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