Salt Lake City Airport

This blog is about what I do.

As always all good things must come to an end. Sadly, I left part of me in San Francisco as I drove to the airport. Here are closing pictures. Even the route to the airport was gorgeous.

Do you think I could get a job as a maid for Nancy Pelosi??? I’d even do it for a free room and would live in the cellar or garage, hell, even a storage closet. Can you imagine what her house is like? She must need help with her schedule… As my daughter would say, “Ha, Ha!”

From San Francisco took a flight to Salt Lake City and then to Orlando. I flew my dream airline, Delta, however, in all my years of flying Delta I had my first encounter with a nasty Delta employee. Shrugging it off to the pandemic, and we all have a bad day, I took her insults and let it go. Delta has done so much for me in my many years of flying with them that it was time for a withdrawal from that emotional quotient bank account called Delta Courtesies.

Flight was amazing and short to Salt Lake City Airport. What a lovely airport and they are undergoing renovation.

In the main lobby they had an enormous Christmas tree with comfortable seating and a pianist who played one of my favorites Claire de Lune. What a wonderful ending to a perfect time away.

The airport also had a display of rock and roll memorabilia. See pics below.

Another new find this airport held was a yoga room. Namaste.

Hallways were wide for the sparse volume, however, build it and they will come. And for those who haven’t visited Salt Lake City it is a treat with their beautiful mountains and friendly Mormons.

While partaking in hearty corn chowder from Squatters, a must visit restaurant at the airport, spotted an interesting dog mix, a German Shepard Maltese. Go figure. The owner had the dog’s genealogy done. They found this sweetheart left in a local dump and what luck for both dog and owner… Here are some pictures.

What a hoot! But who knows maybe in 10 years everyone will want one of these blends. I certainly do.

Then Delta came through once again. While sitting at the gate my name was called on the loudspeaker. Don’t know about you but when things like this happen I become unnerved. They moved me up 5 seats as I am a silver member. I now had more leg room.:)

The stars were certainly in alignment on this trip.

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