The Zephyr

This blog is about what I do.

The Zephyr is an Amtrak train which runs from Chicago to Emeryville, California, (which is a short ride to San Francisco of which Amtrak provides free bus transport with train ticket purchase). The journey from Denver to Emeryville is $119., and provides 20 hours of the most beautiful views of America I have ever seen. There are berths available with waiter service and food/alcohol is available for sale.

Leaving Union Station gives anticipation asto what is to come..

Then the wide open spaces begin to appear..

Along the route there are several short stops. Stay near the train as they will leave you if you aren’t there when the train whistles. In the middle of the train is a windowed car so take advantage. People are friendly, the seats are comfortable, and the view is exemplary.

It’s difficult to choose pictures as all are flawless, however here are a few.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado area

This small town has a mineral spring pool.

The Springs.

Then some views from other areas..

And one final ..

Take some time and do the Zephyr.

It’s a trip you will remember forever.

Next: San Francisco

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