Commercial #8 Apple Upgrade

This blog is about what I think.

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The upgrade greets me with, “Hello.” The next screen wants me to, “Place Your Finger here.” I do not want to place my finger there but cannot pass the screen. What finger shall I choose if I do this? I need direction but do not receive it. I select my right index finger, but do not apply it to the screen. Suddenly I am returned to the main screen and now am able to bypass the touch screens and password code protections. Next I am greeted with, “Hola,” guess a language change has occurred. What have I done as now all upgrade directions are in Spanish.

I breathe and touch another button and English returns. The phone once again tries to sell me on two step security verification. I don’t bite and the red circle next to settings is gone. More success. I now am able to make the call for a dental cleaning.

I am having a good day.

Isn’t it wonderful how these devices upgrade with a stroke of a finger? Do you ever wonder how these signals get to the phone? Do they pass through a window or better yet me? In the future could these signals cure cancer or perhaps my appetite? I rise from my chair, glance around the room and the white line signaling an upgrade in installation is almost drawn. Attempting to find this energy around the room there is no trace but the white line has disappeared and the phone states the installation is complete.

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Now I only have to learn how to use the d-mn thing.

How I wish Apple made a less challenging phone for Seniors. I bet it would be a best seller.

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