Robin Hood Snacks

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Robinhood Snacks

While working at a Virginia psych hospital a patient engaged me with information about the stock market. I know this sounds bizarre but not all psych patients are mentally unfit and this gal was bright, however, a little manic. As a good nurse I decided to investigate her claims and found she was on target, well informed about money, and the stock market. Day after day she spoke of Robin Hood Snacks so I signed up for their email newsletter and am glad I did.

While not involved with the brokerage side of Robinhood I find their newsletters informative giving life skills besides the financial piece. Their brokerage side allows for free trades and no minimums easily capturing the youth market or novice investor.*

However, while I read the newsletter, and admit to often not understanding their slang, I find the tail end of the newsletter intriguing. There is a variety of articles where one can learn much in a quick read. Take for example:

  • To beat procrastination be productive and don’t think of the worst. Create a routine and commit to it. Have one small win every day, DO SOMETHING. Face tasks head on, concentrate, stay focused.
  • Hydration – one of the biggest evils of dehydration – brain fog, poor memory, fatigue, and dizziness. Good news: Water changes our cells within one day of adequate hydration and our body begins to repair. How much water do we need? HALF our body weight — 150# 7.5 glasses a day.
  • Today was even better – with a 360 degree tour of the Sistine Chapel.

The variety of articles in this segment is phenomenal, so sign up and I guarantee you will learn something.

*I am receiving no reimbursement for this blog.

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