Suze Orman

This blog is about what I think.

What better way to follow a Robinhood Snacks blog than to mention the Queen of PBS Family Finance? This often loud, yet sincere lady has given millions direction in their financial planning and those who follow her cling to her every breath and word. Point in fact… I worked with a female nurse in her 20’s who would not make any financial decisions until researching The Queen’s thoughts.. Of course, she’s probably a millionaire by now, but , truth and humor aside.. Who is this gal and how did she get started?

This 69 year old gal worth $75 million is a New York Times best selling author, financial guru, and winner of two Emmy Awards. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana she began her career as a waitress in California. She borrowed money to start a restaurant and when she lost all found her way to a training program as an account executive for Merrill Lynch and the climb began.

She is married to Kathy Travis as of 2018. Currently, she is recovering from surgery but Suze will be on her way soon again. Stay well, my sweet and keep advocating living revocable trusts as well as many other ideas to keep us all financially stable and secure.

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