Plumbing Work: Always get a second estimate, if not a third….

This is what I do.

Decided to put a washer/dryer in the condo. Never knew it would be this much aggravation. The first plumber’s estimate was $5000. for installation. Then I came across a plumber where I volunteer who said he only works for friends and would charge $3500. He came to the condo to survey the work. While there I mentioned the garbage disposal didn’t work and he installed another. Plans were made for his arrival to do the next step. He never arrived or called back. Florida senior gossip says workmen never return calls until they need weed money, so I got the name of another plumber.

When this plumber arrived and heard what was paid for the garbage disposal he smirked. The price was double what his company charged. Then the $3500 estimate for the washer/dryer install was revealed. He said an entire condo repipe could be done for this and the washer/dryer install would be $750 to 1000. Since he was honest he won the job. The next day my “plumber friend” returned my call saying he would start the job the following day. I told him I was leaving town.

When 3 plumbers and 2 large trucks arrived I was overwhelmed never realizing the scope of the work..

The plumbers surveyed the condo and floors began to be covered with mats. Since sheet rock dust permeates all I quickly located sheets and tablecloths to cover furnishings..

The condo wrapped and covered,

and much hidden in the bedroom with the door closed..

Pictures of condo wall holes.

Mike installing the hot water heater.

Paul and Gary working on the washer/dryer connections.

Work was completed in 14 hours. Cost: $ 5600.

Next step: Sheet rock repair, then cabinets to cover the washer/dryer..

And they even fixed the bathroom sink.

I am in plumbing heaven!

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