North Carolina Arrival

Rented a cabin for my stay in Western North Carolina. Didn’t think I would arrive in the middle of a snow storm with a power outage, however, I did. Driving through the forest as my Atlanta based landlord guided me was a challenge in the darkened wilderness but the cabin was found. Discovering no power another call to Atlanta was made. The landlord’s brother in law arrived with candles. Nice touch.

Since this is my eighth travel nurse experience I know to plan for the unexpected. The small and light weight Vornado heater was packed and has served the purpose for heat along with a flannel night gown, quilt, and afghan.

Up early the next day to investigate the area found an interesting lumber operation nearby. Here’s a few pictures..

Later laundry was done with a recent purchase – a portable washing machine. What a great machine. Here she is…

Brought plants for the cabin and am growing herbs. A homey touch and fun to watch…

Computer access is problematic in the area. Am learning more of hot spots and the like since my last blog. Running back and forth to Verizon and Staples is exhausting and time consuming for this computer nincompoop.

Tomorrow will be exploring Hickory, North Carolina. Stay tuned.


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