These caverns lie deep beneath Humpback Mountain in Linville, North Carolina. Fishermen discovered them in 1822, and Civil War deserters used the caverns to escape the war. In 1937 the Caverns officially opened its 8 levels, or rooms. The green walls indicate the presence of cooper in the caverns. It takes 125 years for 1 centimeter of cavern growth. Let’s take a peek…

Note the copper minerals causing the green color in the cavern wall
Looks like a crocodile to me – your thoughts??
How beautiful..
There is much water flowing next to the walkway – wear boots when visiting as the water has been known to rise to walkway level.
This was a favorite spot of Civil War deserters. Cobbler tools were found here.

The grounds outside the Caverns are equally lovely with places to picnic and walk in the stream. Children were having much fun at this site.

The gift shop on the grounds has interesting items at reasonable prices and staff are very helpful.

What a fun family day!

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