Asheville Art Museum

This Museum was an eclectic art representation and while not a fan of this type of portrayal, I enjoyed the visit.

Let’s check it out together.

The Ceramic Exhibit

Much of the art is done by local North Carolina folk.

Portrait Exhibit – this was my favorite, a homeless man.

Video Exhibit – This conversation was extremely well done and captivated my attention. Should you ever get the chance, take it in. Black men of all ages, geographic, educational, and social levels discuss issues of the black community. What an eye opener giving much to ponder.

A mishmash of favorites…

Zelda Fitzgerald, (1900-1948), was an accomplished author and artist. She was the wife of F.Scott Fitzgerald, a famous author of the early 20th century. While he is credited as an outstanding author much of his work was facilitated by Zelda. She struggled with bipolar disease prior to the inception of medication and died in a fire at Asheville’s Highland Hospital in 1948. She was a brilliant painter of water colors and oils as seen below, and on display at the Museum. Her paper doll collection is exquisite and I had the honor of viewing it 15 years ago in Connecticut. What a talent she was.

Japanese Magnolias, about 1945

And Childe Hassam, another favorite..

It seems like every available museum space is used for art. Here is the elevator art..

And on the roof is a sculpture garden, however, I believe nature won the show on this. Don’t you agree????

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