Governor Vance Birthplace

Visited this home unaware of the Governor’s history. He was a lawyer with strong oratory skills known to have a rash temper and often a stump speaker. A stump speaker is one who stands on a stump and delivers speeches.

The Governor was initially against separating from the union though others prevailed and he followed. A civil war fighter he was eventually exonerated and then returned as Governor under the then re-unified Union. As I read the placards describing his actions post civil war I became confused. When I queried the historian at the site she merely stated the Governor was a white supremacist and racist.

His home plantation was once 888 acres and the family monies were acquired via his grandfather’s surveyor skills and land purchase. At one point there were 18 slaves working on the property.

Following are pictures of the reconstructed plantation.

Inside the home..

Other out buildings..

Slave Quarters

Governor Vance’s office with his portrait

The Family Tree

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