H.H. Buggy and Repair

Made a wrong turn while looking for the Amish gal who sold soap, lotion, and candles. Often in my travels when I make a wrong turn I come across something fascinating, and this was the case here.

Herman and his wife Emma, were pleasant and told me the soap vendor was their next door neighbor. While they had birdhouses, secret boxes, and buggies for sale, unfortunately, I was not in the market for those items.

They allowed me to take pictures of their operation, and Herman has quite a business. I spoke of Mark’s Tack Shop I visited in Pennsylvania and he was quite interested, so I mailed him a copy of the blog and the shop’s contact information.

Here are some pictures of his business.

Should you be in the market for a wagon or buggy, secret box, or birdhouse here is Herman’s contact information:

Herman J. Hershberger

2982 Hollis Road

Ellenboro, N.C. 28040

located between Hopewell & Hollis Communities

Closed Sundays and Religious Holidays

no phone service

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