Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

In my drives as I enjoy the beauty of North Carolina I come across another extremely large confederate flag flying along the interstate.  An interstate purchased with federal funding, as are many of the roads in the South.  I am filled with sadness as this display evokes much pain..  Why?

Then I recall this was the state where the slogan, “Lock her up,” began.  Another hateful signal which led to our country’s division, and almost demise.

As a single senior woman driving in North Carolina and previously West Virginia, I am fearful. Passing through these small communities with homes in disrepair and garbage strewn around them, I always see a tr/pen sign on their property.  Perhaps no one told them of the election results?. And what good came from him?

What are these American citizens thinking?  There is no good which can come from these expressions, only pain.

Something to think about.

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