Lexington Impressions

In Lexington found a modern clean City with construction surging. What a pleasant surprise. And, as I alluded to earlier, everything is horses.

From licenses plates,

To building murals,

Even streets were named for horses with Man O’War Boulevard a main thoroughfare, as well as, Sir Barton Way, and Citation Boulevard to name three. The equine industry looms in Lexington.

Homes were majestic, both large…


with an interesting modern version amongst the older grand dames.

Then a historical home where Jefferson Davis, the president of the confederacy, lived from 1821 to 1824 while attending Transylvania University.

The City is also a university town with major hospitals and industries in the area. Found this area when a wrong turn was made. It is a lively area with much restaurant and bar traffic.

And where would the bars be without a nearby distillery??

In closing.. a repurposed building with shops and more restaurants.

Looks like a fun area!

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