Mary Todd Lincoln Home

This gracious home was where Mary Todd lived with her family from13 to 21 years of age. The family owned the home from 1832 to 1849. Mary’s father, Robert Smith Todd was a prominent Lexington merchant and businessman.

Robert Smith Todd

Mary was educated and versed in politics. Visiting her sister in Illinois she was introduced to Abraham Lincoln. Once married they visited her family’s Lexington home. The home is a historically correct and has some family memorabilia.

Let’s take a look.

The Parlor
The Dining Room
Slave Kitchen

The Todd’s had slaves. When Mr. Todd died Mary’s stepmother continued to have and keep slaves as did her grandmother, however the grandmother did release her slaves later in life.

Mary’s Bedroom
Mary’s Glassware

The tour of the home is self guided with the docents offering much information on Mary’s life and times. They mentioned how Mary is often portrayed inaccurately. On the left is how she is usually painted, however, the picture on the right is her actual skin, hair and eye coloring.

A fascinating tour to learn more of the woman behind the great man.

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