Antler Hill: Adults

For adults Antler Hill has much to offer. Let’s take a gander..

This is George and Edith’s recreated mountain cabin. It is currently a retail shop. Bicycles are available to rent and enjoy during your visit. This area is perfect for cycling as well as hiking.

A new addition since last visit. This is a temporary art work. Fun to walk through.

Biltmore Winery is in the Antler Hill area. Tastings are done every 20 minutes. Upon arrival register for a time. This can be done through a UPC code delivered to a cell phone. Tastings are included with Biltmore admission.

The winery was the creation of the grandson of George and Edith Vanderbilt. He left a New York banking career to return to Biltmore creating the renowned resort it is. The winery was one of his first of many additions and changes to the estate.

Along this route a history of Biltmore Winery is given.

The Wine Library. Here wines from the beginning of production are stored.
Tasting Room

The Wine Shop -Besides wine this area also sells spices, sauces, and a variety of kitchen items.

And while visiting take in the stained glass George Vanderbilt saved from his family’s 5th Avenue, New York City home.

Finally, uncork a bottle and enjoy some appetizers while listening to music or chatting among the flowers..

What a great way to end a visit to the Biltmore Estate..

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