Dolly Parton’s Stampede

Dolly is quite a business lady. According to the internet she is worth over $600 million. WOW! What a feat for a country girl. In traveling this area everything is Dolly, however it should be and the State of Tennessee needs to honor her for all she has done for their economy with her enterprises. Go, Dolly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Stampede was another of Dolly’s ventures. Here Dolly has developed a dinner show with covered wagons, dancing ladies in formal dresses, a magic show, and comedians. There is a friendly rivalry between North and South with the arena split in half. While done in fun I found this irritating.

Food was tasty with delicious soup, corn bread, a small baked chicken, pork slice, and apple dumpling desert. Then there was unlimited sweet tea or lemonade. Service was excellent and prompt with waiters and waitresses scurry between the aisles in the dark arena.

All in all a fun night at $80 per person for the meal, and 2 hours of entertainment.

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