Dollywood – The Disney of Tennessee

Since Dollywood is a stone’s throw from Knoxville decided to stop by. Her theme park has been around 35 years and attendance remains robust. It has much to offer and is less costly than a day at Disney at $80. admission.

There is a variety of rides.

My favorite was the train ride.

The Park has much retail and everything is Dolly.

The park has a very Christian flare with gospel music venues, church service on Sunday, and definitely no cursing in the Park.

What I particularly liked was Dolly’s museum. Here you could spend hours checking out Dolly memorabilia. However, since time was limited here are a few pics to check out..

There were craft demonstrations which would interest children.

Make sure to stop and see the eagle show.

All in all Dolly gives you a bang for your buck in her Park.

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