Historic Bleak House

This antebellum home was built in 1854 as a wedding gift to Robert Armstrong and Louise Franklin.

Mr. Armstrong was a lawyer and Ms. Franklin was from a wealthy local family.

The home was named for the Charles Dicken’s Bleak House as the bride and groom were avid fans. It is decorated in the period and several of the rooms are dedicated as a museum to the confederacy. During the war several confederate generals stayed in the home. There are dioramas of battles and much war memorabilia.

That said, let’s take a tour..

The living room

One of the bedrooms.. This hand carved bed won awards at the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition. It is from Switzerland.

Another bedroom with clothing of the era.

The Tower

This is where sharp shooters were posted during the Civil War.

Etchings of those who died in the conflict.

Tower view

The home is managed by the Knoxville Daughters of the Confederacy. It is available for pictures, weddings and events.

Contact http://www.knoxvillecmh.org for further information.

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