James White Fort

In 1785 Captain James White was given 1,000 acres in the Knoxville area in recognition of his Revolutionary War service. He established a Fort housing as many as 100 people. By the 1800’s the Captain, who became a land speculator, had 125,00 acres in the valley, and Knoxville was born.

The Fort is a great place for family visits. It is an accurate depiction of the era with original buildings.

The main house from the road circa 1785. Interesting photo of new and old..

The back of the home.

The main house is left, and the kitchen is to the right. Kitchens were separate from main houses in these times due to the possibility of fire.

The Kitchen – The family had slaves who worked in the kitchen. Sally, was their slave cook, and lived in a corner of the kitchen. The farm day began at 4 a.m. with breakfast at 5 a.m. The main meal was at noon and lighter fare served at dinner. Slaves ate their meals here.

The Main House First Floor This home was elegant by frontier standards. In this room the White Family of 4 girls and 3 boys, plus adults would eat meals and gather. Anywhere from 35-40 people would stay within this log home.

Upstairs were sleeping quarters..

Trundle beds were used to accommodate visitors.

Crazy quilts were often made by frontier women as fabric was scarce and every scrap used.

Outside the main house visitor cabins were built.

Cattle would feed on these grounds within the confines of the stockade walls.
Cabin interior Within the stockade walls 6 to 8 families would have lived.

During non-Pandemic times the Fort has loom and blacksmith demonstrations.

What a fascinating history lesson.

In Knoxville there are over 20 museums and 7 historical homes. The seven homes can be seen with a combo pass. Contact: www. hhknoxville.org or call 865.523.7263.

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