Knoxville Arts Scene: Theater & Beyond

When scoping the internet for Knoxville fun came across a lively theater scene. While much was closed during the pandemic one play was available and I attended. The play was not a fit but acting good and with covid precautions in place the 20 member audience enjoyed.

Knoxville has some interesting history in the arts scene. Here are some fun facts stolen from the Mayor’s web site.

  • Quentin Tarantino was born here..
  • The 2000 movie “Road Trip” had portions filmed here.
  • Mary Costa, the voice of Sleeping Beauty was born here.
  • Burt Reynolds 2017 movie, The Last Movie Star shot here.
  • Christy, the 1995 television series was filmed here.
  • Brad Renfro, the child star in The Client grew up here.
  • Patricia Neal grew up in Knoxville.

And a few non- theater fun facts.

  • Mountain Dew was developed in Knox.
  • Knoxville is known as the Marble City.
  • Their zoo is the Red Panda Capitol of the World as this species breeds here with success.
Another freebie available for tourists..

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