Knoxville Museum of Art

Part II: Local Artists

This area of the museum displayed local Tennessee artists. There is much variety in their works, let’s take a look.

Hauling Marble, 1910, by Lloyd Branson. A talented East Tennessee native who trained in Europe. Tennessee was a thriving marble capital and this picture won a Gold Medal at the Appalachian Exposition of 1910.
Catherine Wiley, Morning Milking Time
Lloyd Branson, Going Home at Dusk In this painting the artist dabbles in impressionism and succeeds.

This Prague artist gained entry into this exhibit with his rendering of the Smoky Mountains, Fritzi Brod, 1952

The Brothers Delaney

Beauford and Joseph Delaney were brothers with exceptional artistic talents born in Knoxville in the early 1900’s. Each demonstrated their talents early and their minister father and mother supported their gifts. Beauford studied in Boston, New York, and Paris, while Joseph sought Chicago and later New York. They had friends in Georgia O’Keefe, Louis Armstrong, and James Baldwin.

Here’s a sampling of their work:

Beauford’s work, Untitled, however it is the Chateau de Chambord, 1971. This Knoxville native is considered to be among the greatest modern painters of America’s 20th century.
Macy’s Day Parade by Joseph Delaney. Much visual energy in this colorful work.

And let’s close with this mural. This artist studied with Diego Rivera in Mexico and her work shows his influence. History of Tennessee by Marion Greenwood, a child prodigy who completed this work in 1955.

A must see..

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