Knoxville Museum of Art

Part III: Mish mash

Here’s 3 works I enjoyed and wished to share.

Since I am always dissing modern art, here’s one I rather liked. The colors are phenomenal. Empire by Giles Lyon
And who couldn’t be intrigued by a glass geisha??
And this came from recyclable materials..

While at the Museum stop by the veranda and check out this view.

Knoxville was the site of the 1982 World’s Fair. It was the last successful World’s Fair in America with over 11 million visitors. The Museum overlooks this park and am told offers the best view of the Sunsphere. This 266 foot tall structure is 26 stories with the actual ball 5 levels. It was built for the World’s Fair.

Another view of the World’s Fair Park..

Final stop… The Museum’s outdoor garden

What a fun visit!


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