Knoxville Museum of Art

Part I of III Black Mountain Exhibit

Found myself at another free venue of beauty with a visit to the Knoxville Museum of Art. Here was a special event with the works from the Black Mountain Community artists. For those who follow the blog, I had visited this Community last week. Interesting sequence of events.. Here are are some of their amazing works..

Robert Ruschenberg, Ruminations 1996 student of Black Mountain
Crossing Over, 1962, Lore Lindenfeld, escaped from Nazi Germany in 1937 and studied at Black Mountain. She created a New York fashion career upon graduation.

Vase, Wanda Shuit Lea Austin, American, glazed stoneware, a Black Mountain graduate
Dance was also present at Black Mountain, Clemens Kalischer of Germany, and Lenox, Mass., taught at Black Mountain. He fled Nazi Germany with his family in 1933 gaining passage to America for safety.
Untitled, by Amino, a Taiwanese who studied in acrylics at Black Mountain
Untitled, Knute Stiles After serving in WWII attended Black Mountain and started a San Francisco avant garde artist community.
Basket, Ruth Asawa, a Black Mountain graduate. She and her family were in Japanese interment camps. Upon release she was unable to study in traditional art schools due to her race. She gained access to Black Mountain in 1946. Her basket art is known internationally.
Arrangement, Donald Alter, Bronx, New York He studied at Black Mountain until drafted. Upon army discharge he studied at NYC’s Pratt Institute becoming a designer of textiles and prints. His signature works are of geometric design.


Black Mountain College birthed a new generation of artists and craftspeople who came from all areas of the world. Many were escaping Nazi Germany. It was founded by John Andrew Rice in 1933 as Black Mountain College, a progressive liberal arts college. It created some of our country’s leading thinkers, artists, and writers in this mountain setting. The College closed in 1957, however it’s legacy continues.

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