Queen’s Museum

Queen’s Museum overlooks World’s Fair Park. The Museum initially hosted the UN General Assembly from 1946-1950.

The Borough of Queens fascinates with over 80 languages spoken here. And it’s Museum is a delight.

Here’s a sampling…

NYC Panorama – watch this Panorama go from Day to Night…

Outside the Panorama .. World’s Fair Memorabilia

I remember these license plates – gosh I am old..

Exhibit: Food Bank Operations

My personal favorite – The Tiffany Lamps.. Watch the films and check out the lamps

And last but not least pictures of those who make up NYC … from their “home” lands,

Another must see..

Ashe Stadium/World’s Fair Park

After scoping out the Drive In jaunted over to World’s Fair Park. The walk included passing the Ashe Stadium where many tennis events are held.

Close up of Statutes in front of Stadium

And for those who don’t know Arthur Ashe, shame on you, so let me enlighten. Arthur was an American tennis player. As a black man he won several firsts, here are a few:

  • Won 3 grand slam titles
  • First black player in the US Davis Cup
  • Only black man to ever win singles at Wimbeldon

Sadly, we lost this man too young at 50, however his impact remains worldwide.

World’s Fair Park

After passing the “globe” numerous times on my trips to the airport, finally received a close up. It’s been over 50 years since my visit to the World’s Fair. She’s held up good and all of NYC was enjoying her Park on my visit. What a fun place.

On your visit stop by the vendor selling spicy hot dogs. What a taste treat.. And don’t forget the gelato, it is sublime.

Next Stop: Queens Museum

NYC Drive Ins

#1 and only daughter and future son in law, (FSIL), work in the event industry. They met in Sundance, thank you Robert Redford, and yes I did send him a letter of thanks, true story, but no response.

Upon their return to Austin, Texas, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, respectively, they conducted a midwest, north-south, phone romance for a month before the Pandemic was disclosed. Upon Pandemic strike, Gouda, (my pet name for FSIL), was invited to quarantine in Austin. Arriving 15 hours after invite he has never left.

Since all job potential had ceased for the two, and one received unemployment, they took off on a cross country journey visiting all national parks. Living out of a tent attached to a Subaru for close to 3 months they made the best of a bad situation, saw much of the country, and, quite frankly, I am envious. Yes, I am getting to the end of this saga..

While in Idaho a friend called about work in NYC Drive Ins. Who knew NYC had drive ins? And for those who don’t know it’s a big screen where movies are shown and people sit in cars to watch. Another friend offered a room with no window at a reasonable price and they were employed.

Here’s the Queens Drive In adjacent to the Queens Museum. They charge by the car load and wish I had the specifics. At some shows directors and actors have appeared so it is an interesting and fun event.

Saw Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell while visiting. There were no appearances of Bill or Andie, however, it was a memorable event and if you’ve never been to a Drive In put it on the Bucket List.

Red Hook

#1 and only daughter picked me up from La Guardia. The Airport was empty and she found me easily. We traveled to Red Hook past spectacular views of New York and over this amazing bridge:

What a view of the Hudson River

New York City – the living and the dead
The Kosciuszko Bridge, opened in 1939, was renamed by Mayor LaGuardia for this Polish General who volunteered in the American Revolutionary War.

Having never been to Red Hook was amazed with what I found, but first a little history. Red Hook is located . While known for many things my daughter report it is at the end of this pier where JZ and Beonce exchanged nuptials.

Here’s the views..

Next, the restaurants..

Ice Cream Places – a must indulge at this spot..

Then the bars..

Even grand dog Mo liked this spot.

And closing with another image.

History: La Guardia Airport

La Guardia Airport is named for Mayor Fiorello Henry La Guardia, who served as Mayor from 1934 to 1945. Short in stature but powerful in abilities, this 99th Mayor of New York City did much to bring the City into the 20th century, and is honored as a name sake in many places in town.

He began his tenure running against corrupt Tammy Hall. Upset over the treatment of immigrants he began his social justice fight and won the mayoral race.

One of his crowning gestures was the La Guardia Airport. Seeing the need for a New York City airport he fought for this cause. To gain public support he refused to deplane in Newark stating his TWA ticket stated his destination was New York. From this public ground swell began and airport land was acquired from the former Steinway Family Amusement Park.

In 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Vice President Joe Biden jointly announced an upgrade to the LaGuardia Airport. This is the first complete rebuild of and US Airport in 20 years.

Let’s close with another LaGuardia quote.

If only..

I wish to recognize the stained glass windows and signs at Terminal 2 from which I borrowed this information and quotes.

As promised, LaGuardia Fountains

If you are lucky enough to spend time at Terminal 2 take some time and visit this food court site. One can spend much time being mesmerized by its waters. Take a video, it will be a NYC freebie for all to enjoy.

The final water act was an enormous theatrical number. Here’s a taste of Act I, and for II and III you’ll need to visit in person as my cell phone died. Sorry, but take my word it was AMAZING, but then it’s NYC where everything is AMAZING.

La Guardia Airport: Completed

Here are the completed portions of the Airport.



New signs..

And don’t miss this one… next blog

Pumping Stations

New Bathrooms – spacious, clean and even have orchids!

Don’t forget to pick up your bags…….

And this goes without saying……………….

There certainly is a lot to love here.

Update: Renovation

Haven’t written since April. Have you missed me? Between work, traveling to Florida to complete the renovation, and then NYC (next blog), it’s been a busy time.

The renovation which began early 2021 will come to closure some time in 2022 as the doors to cover the washer arrived badly damaged.

Lesson Learned: Never do a renovation during a Pandemic, good advice if you plan to be around in 2119..

Newest Picture

Note: Do you recognize the Rockies from the 12/20 trip on the Zephyr??