Last Leg of the Hickory Museum Tour: The Andy Warhol Exhibit

What a surprise to find such an extraordinary exhibit of Warhol in Hickory, North Carolina!

Let’s start with Andy in review..

1928 – born to Slovakian immigrants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1936 – contracts a neurologic disease characterized by involuntary movements which keeps him home from school. During this period AW develops an affinity for comics, Hollywood, and paper cut outs.

1930-1940 attends free art classes at the Carnegie Institute

1941 falls in love with Picasso after an art show at Carnegie

1945-1949 studies at Carnegie becoming a commercial artist

1960 begins to work in Pop Art

1962 Campbell Soup Cans begin..

1968 shot by an actor from one of his films, leaves him scarred emotionally, and physically for life

1970 Studio 54 regular, continues working in art and film

1981 Myth Series, AW’s most proliferative period and the basis of the Hickory exhibit

1987 death from complications of gall bladder surgery

The Shadow, self portrait of a genius and giant of the modern art world

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