Warhol: The Exhibit

The last 10 years of Andy Warhol’s life was his most proliferative creating greater than half of his works during this time. These works depict cultural events, celebrities, cowboys, and Native Americans. The works are known as his Myths Collection.

Let’s check out a few:


Superman was AW’s idol from 8 years of age. The tale of Clark Kent intrigued the young boy plagued with the debilitating St. Vitus’ Dance.

Santa Claus

An enormous fan of Christmas, his Santa Claus portrayal. In his early days as a NYC commercial artist he was often involved in Christmas decorating.


Hattie McDaniel was the first black actress to win an Academy Award. She won for her role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind in 1940. She was unable to accept the award as the ceremony was held in a white only theater.

“Beyond Travesty,” author comment…

Uncle Sam

Theodore Roosevelt

The Napkin

Warhol was a generous to those who requested his autograph. Often he added doodles on whatever was available. Many times it was a napkin. Here is one of his gifts.

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