NYC Drive Ins

#1 and only daughter and future son in law, (FSIL), work in the event industry. They met in Sundance, thank you Robert Redford, and yes I did send him a letter of thanks, true story, but no response.

Upon their return to Austin, Texas, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, respectively, they conducted a midwest, north-south, phone romance for a month before the Pandemic was disclosed. Upon Pandemic strike, Gouda, (my pet name for FSIL), was invited to quarantine in Austin. Arriving 15 hours after invite he has never left.

Since all job potential had ceased for the two, and one received unemployment, they took off on a cross country journey visiting all national parks. Living out of a tent attached to a Subaru for close to 3 months they made the best of a bad situation, saw much of the country, and, quite frankly, I am envious. Yes, I am getting to the end of this saga..

While in Idaho a friend called about work in NYC Drive Ins. Who knew NYC had drive ins? And for those who don’t know it’s a big screen where movies are shown and people sit in cars to watch. Another friend offered a room with no window at a reasonable price and they were employed.

Here’s the Queens Drive In adjacent to the Queens Museum. They charge by the car load and wish I had the specifics. At some shows directors and actors have appeared so it is an interesting and fun event.

Saw Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell while visiting. There were no appearances of Bill or Andie, however, it was a memorable event and if you’ve never been to a Drive In put it on the Bucket List.

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