Lake James: Critters

Once back at home base took a hike at Lake James. Was attempting to locate the “critters” I had seen on a previous hike and was successful.

Came across their habitat and waited from a distance.

And one peered out,

then he told his sibling of a visitor. Each came out to say hello. They have grown much in 2 weeks.

What beauties!

Cramerton, North Carolina

Followed the signs finding Cramerton, North Carolina.

This community is undergoing a massive home construction phase under the expertise and guidance of this company.

Their offices are located in a restored home and behind the home are community gardens..

Some of the homes..

Under construction..

Completed, and aren’t they gorgeous??? Plus these homes are near the lake which was seen in the former blog…

The Town of Cramerton is networked into the Carolina Trail System. Here are some views of the Cramerton portion of the Carolina Thread Trail.

There is a walkway over the water to an island which has a playground for children, and trails.

The town also has events for their residents. According to placards a July 4th event at the gazebo and yoga classes on the island are planned. What fun and great way to meet neighbors.

Think Cramerton has much going for it.

Persimmon Trail

On the grounds of the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is the Persimmon Trail. Seek this out as it is a lovely, easy to walk trail, and a perfect end to your visit. On the trail you will find folks walking, jogging, riding their bikes, and lovers holding hands. It is also attached to the Carolina Thread Trail which is a 300 mile long network of greenery, blueways, and trails in 15 counties, 2 states, reaching 2.9 million people according to Auntie Google. .

Throughout the trail are signs naming the trees and other vegetation. Nice touch and a good learning tool for children.

The path has many twists and turns. Place small colored items at these junctures to ensure you find your way back to the parking lot. And of course pick them up upon return.

What a nice surprise at the end of my hike..

For more information on this trail system,


I would be remiss if I did not mention that this lovely garden has many events occurring throughout the year.

During the summer there are:

  • Garden Nights with live music..
  • Movies on the lawn..
  • Horticulture Highlight Walks..
  • Jazz at the Garden..

The horticulture team also provides answers to your gardening questions and can be reached at They request a photo of the plant and ask you be as specific as possible in your request.

Events can also be conducted at the Garden.

Contact them at:


Visiting gardens always give ideas. Here are some….

A basket of one flower color.
A basket of contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes.
An open wire basket with burlap bottom. Great for the environment and flowers.

The Garden’s fountains, each with it’s own personality.


Fun. What a great place to run through on this 88 degree day..

The Children’s Garden

Had another fountain..

Garden Picnic Area

What a pleasant spot.

The Formal White Garden – this was discreetly placed so don’t miss it..

Some Sculptures

Below is an interesting sculpture made of saplings by a former hospital administrator who later studied art history and sculpture at the University of North Carolina. His works appear worldwide. One never knows where life will bring you.

A work by Patrick Dougherty

A Place to Sit a Spell…

Once rested visit The Prairie Garden,

In closing more gardens and flowers.. Enjoy!

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden: Part I

Returning from the Hickory Flea Market, (great spot, open only on Thursday’s), saw this sign on the interstate. Followed my instinct and what a find and delightful visit.

The Garden hours were limited and having only an hour had to scurry. However, walking fast made it through but plan for more time to drink in this Garden’s beauty.

Daniel J. Stowe, a textile executive, developed this 380 acre sanctuary upon his retirement in 1991. It has several different gardens, trails, and a butterfly house. Let’s start at the Butterfly House..

Follow the signs to learn more of butterflies..

Here are those lovely creatures in their habitat..

Part of the life cycle, remember the sign??

Next: More pictures of the garden..

Another Lake James Park..

While speaking with a co-worker was told of another Lake James Park. What a find, with more hiking trails, and a larger beach. Let’s explore…

Started the hike at Linville Gorge Overlook.

Check out that sky..

Moments on the trail..

A Beaver Dam
A Tributary

Discovered another trail system,

with even more beauty..

Time for a foot soak..

Then more exploration to the Bathouse..

Wonderful to see – electric car chargers,

and picnic pavillions.

Upon leaving discovered a new visitor center under construction,

which will lead hikers through more lovely woods..

What a nice visit…..

Morganton, North Carolina

Since I spend a great deal of my time in Morganton decided to explore more, and do a blog. It is a classic southern town with a weekly Farmer’s Market and alluring charm.

Currently, their court house is under renovation and an outdoor stage on the grounds is being constructed.

They also have a large auditorium, CoMMA, which has indoor concerts, touring Broadway musicals, and the like.

Etta Baker

This Piedmont Blues Guitarist has her statute on the grounds of the CoMMA Auditorium. She is a Morganton native and played the blues for 90 years. A recipient of numerous awards, she and her husband raised 9 children who are carrying on her legacy. Go Etta, a true Steel Magnolia.

A large mall with Walmart, Dollar Tree, Belk, and many restaurants is a mile from downtown, however, many small shops and restaurants remain downtown..

And you can’t miss the brewery in the middle of town. While not a beer drinker this appears to be a popular spot with outside tables and an inside bar as well. Their beer is made on the premises.

The factory where the brew is made.

And where the beer is consumed.

And leaving Morganton is the Greenway, where folks can picnic next to the Catawba River, walk paths, bike, play volley ball, and if you are a swimmer visit the aquatic center across from the Park with an Olympic sized pool.

Come visit, and enjoy the North Carolina hospitality..

Map of Morganton

Little House Expo

One of the home made little houses seen outside the convention center.

Have a fascination with these homes and visited this Expo on a break from home renovation.

Come explore the expo with me.

First Home

Second Home

Note: This home can be attached to a vehicle and transported.
Hitch Closeup

Home For Sale … bids started at 50,000.

Two “Home” Vans… These are pricey, between $60-80,000.

School Bus Small Home

For those interested in building or purchasing a small house there is much written on the subject. Google small or tiny homes and volumes of homes with floor plans appear. The Tiny House Movement is catching on especially with those who wish to live for less.

Tulsa Massacre: 100 Year Anniversary

This blog is about what I think..

100 years ago on May 31st, over 300 black Americans were slaughtered by white supremacists in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The incident occurred in the Greenwood district of Tulsa. Here black Americans had a vibrant community in a 35 block segregated area. It was nicknamed “Black Wall Street,” as prosperity reigned for black Americans in Greenwood. There were approximately 200 black businesses in this area.

It is believed that the massacre began when a young black man tripped as he walked into an elevator operated by a white female. She screamed and accusations began against the man. The fearful young man ran for protection in Greenwood. Black men returned in their military garb to protect the young man and whites retaliated. Jealous white men of what blacks had accomplished spilled over into the street with blacks gunned down, homes burnt to the ground, and goods stolen from black Americans homes.

The confrontation lasted 16 hours and after that Greenwood was leveled.

The incident was buried and never discussed, acknowledged, or recognized in Tulsa or nationwide. A 20 million dollar museum is being planned to depict the massacre and other situations such as this. Voices are being raised to change this disbursement for reparations rather than a museum.

State legislation in 2019 made the massacre be mandatory teaching in Oklahoma schools and plans are in process for proper burial of those massacred as they were buried in mass graves.

On the 100th anniversary of the massacre President Biden spoke as the 3 remaining survivors listened.

Let us learn from the tragic mistakes of the past.