It’s been 16 months since I last visited New York City and Chinatown is the spot I missed the most. So much activity and the food, baked goods and massages are to die for.

Welcome Back

Menu, what shall I choose??


With a demonstration on how to twirl..

And soup..

Then a walk through town. Some interesting signs..

Good advice from Snoopy and Lucy.

And finally.. a foot massage, what a treat and so missed.

Another different restaurant pod, fascinating.. Think I’m getting obsessed with these? Me, too..

And finally a new New York City historical site to monitor and eventually visit. The oldest brick building in New York is under renovation. A future blog…

And don’t forget Little Italy is just across Canal Street. If only I had room for one of those delicious cannolis…

This ends my visit to New York City … will be returning in November and already have a play ticket.

Life is good. New York is back.

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